eParking Solar

eParking Solar, is a state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology solution developed by TONOMIA  in Liège, Belgium, dedicated to solving electric vehicle parking challenges with solar cannopy innovation at its core thanks to photovoltaic panels resting on an infrastructure for electricity production with integrated Sodium battery storage. The “All-in-One” smart eParking Solar module addresses a range of issues related to energy efficiency, reliability, safety, environmental impact, scalability, innovation, financial viability, and convenience, making it a fully comprehensive solution for sustainable and smart urban infrastructure.

eParking Solar is a state-of-the-art technology solution developed by TONOMIA technology in Liège, Belgium

For Electric Car Drivers

Concerns about EV charging system density affecting driving autonomy are addressed through eParking Solar. We provide a full range of charging options, from fast to less rapid systems. Many stakeholders meet large advantages of eParking solar modules.

For Parking Asset Owners or Managers

eParking Solar provides a solution for storing surplus electricity generated by photovoltaic panels when immediate consumption is not feasible. This transforms parking areas into valuable assets, and costs into contributors to energy sustainability.

Building Office/Energy Managers:

Reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint becomes a reality with eParking Solar. We have introduced a holistic approach by harvesting rainwater and utilizing heat from photovoltaic panels, addressing concerns about excessive city water and heating consumption.


Enhancing services for visitors and customers becomes a reality with eParking Solar. Our technology provides a versatile catering solution to the diverse needs of corporate customers beyond conventional offerings.

At TONOMIA, our commitment to using cutting-edge technology not only solves immediate problems but also contributes to a sustainable and efficient future. The unique features of the “All-in-One” smart solar eParking module make it a versatile and comprehensive solution for a wide range of challenges.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The integration of solar panels, sodium-ion battery storage, and combined power, heat, and water harvesting makes the module a sustainable and efficient energy solution.


Reliability and Safety

The inclusion of four thermal cameras and fire detection features enhances the reliability and safety of the solar eParking module by monitoring the quality of photovoltaic cells and detecting potential fire hazards, with emergency shut down activated if the need arises.


Environmental Impact

The clean energy generation and harvesting features contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with traditional energy sources.


Smart Connectivity

The smart box with embedded computers, Wi-Fi, and 4G/5G connectivity allows for precise control of subsystems, enabling remote monitoring, maintenance, and updates. This improves overall system efficiency and responsiveness.


Modularity and Flexibility

The ultra-modular design allows for independent deployment to totally cover any car park whether it be large or small, offering flexibility in installation and scalability. This addresses the challenges posed by differing parking lot sizes and layouts. The modules are pre-assembled before delivery, saving valuable time for the installation.


Innovation in Battery Technology

The use of sodium-ion battery technology with water heating/cooling contributes to improved energy storage and management, offering a more sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional battery technologies.


Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

The eParking’s simple design, modularity, and fast installation, together with an extremely competitive CAPEX price contribute to a quick ROI (4 years) which compares favorably with competitors’ longer timeframes (8-10 years). This alleviates the financial concerns of potential investors or users.


Fast Charging and Convenience

The compact fast-charging system provides convenient and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles, addressing the growing demand for an improved electric vehicle infrastructure.


Clean Energy Trading

The capability for clean energy trading via high battery storage allows eParking solar customers to participate in energy markets, promoting sustainability and potentially generating additional revenue.


Climate Control and Maintenance

The self-cleaning, cooling, and heating water-based system helps in maintaining optimal operating conditions for the solar eParking module, improving overall efficiency and lifespan.