eParking Solar

Tonomia is a Belgian sustainable energytech company.  In CES 2024, we will unveil our all-in-one eParking Solar infrastructure module that integrates hybrid solar panels (Electricity & heat), Sodium-ion battery storage and fast eV charging. The PV panels harvest rainwater.  The full system is managed by the in-house developed AI based smart Box (Tonobox), using Advancing computing and connectivity solutions. Find out more about eParking on the dedicated booth          

Venetian Expo, Hall G — booth 61241 — Eureka Park

and more about Tonobox on the shared booth (in collaboration with Wallonia Export – Investment Agency)

Venetian Expo, Hall G — booth 61713 — Eureka Park

typical implementation of eparking solar infrastructure
TonoBox installed in the hart of each eParking solar module
TonoBox, the smartbox that manages the active devices and IoT's components of each eParking solar module
EUPD Research France 2024 Outstanding Innovation eParking solar solution