eParking Solar

Mustapha Belhabib, founder & CEO Tonomia

Mustapha has an impressive academic record with a host of qualifications including a PhD in Mechanics and a second one in Aircraft Engines. His professional journey is highlighted by a profound dedication to sustainable mobility and extensive experience in the field of electric vehicle hardware engineering. During his more than two decades at Ford, he was responsible for overseeing the integration and development of electric vehicle systems, ranging from compact cars to large luxury models. Additionally, as a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Liège, specializing in Smart & Sustainable Mobility, Mustapha has actively nurtured a new generation of environmentally conscious professionals by instilling his passion for advancing eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Mustapha’s beliefs and dreams are intricately woven into his career. He is committed to technological advancement, and affordable sustainability for everyone, values he had at the beginning of his career and which remain as important to him today. It was with this in mind that he created the Tonomia family; drawing his inspiration from a rich and diverse professional background that spans various sectors, including Automotive (with experience at Ford and Valeo), Aircraft (working with DGA and Safran), and Energy (at Alstom. Throughout his career, Mustapha has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our planet. He created and patented the Tonobox which is at the centre of Tonomia’s Integrated Systems as well an innovative and unique module for solar parking that harnesses solar power to generate and store electricity, providing energy, not only for vehicle charging but also supporting nearby buildings. 

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