eParking Solar

Olivier Vandermeersch - Chief Market Officer - Tonomia SRL

After over three decades of spearheading high-tech product launches from scratch in the telecom/ICT sector (Proximus ICT & Siemens) and establishing his own venture in visual communication and paid research, Olivier was drawn to join this groundbreaking green technology startup in July 2023. The allure of this company lies in its innovative approach to sustainability through the design, manufacturing, and sale of solar carports equipped with storage batteries, rainwater harvesting, and heat recovery systems.

What truly captivated him was the fusion of his expertise in marketing and go-to-market strategies with his passion for renewable energies. This company’s vision aligns perfectly with his values, offering a tangible solution to the pressing global climate crisis. The opportunity to revolutionize the way we harness solar power for everyday use, combining it with water conservation and heat recovery, is both exhilarating and purposeful to him.

The potential to introduce these eco-friendly solutions to the masses excites him, knowing that each solar carport sold represents a step toward a greener world. The prospect of shaping the market for such innovative, environmentally conscious products is what motivated him to become an integral part of this forward-thinking Greentech company.

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