eParking Solar

  • Work and public charging stations are key for Low Home Access to chargers.
  • Fast Charging is a must for low home and low work access
  • Fast charging requires high Power load, leading to grid saturation issues

eParking with Standard charging at work and Fast public chargers, combined with high-capacity battery storage  is a perfect solution to address above issues

Shopping centers, key for low home & Low work access

  • 85% of people go at least once a week to a grocery store


  • Average time spent in shopping center 1 hour


  • eV : 60 kWh/week in US and 25 kWh/ week


  • Opportunity to charge the vehicle for one week during shopping with 60 kW charger in USA and 30 kW charger in Europe
Public charging / Work charging / Home charging - eParking solar
Why eParking solar

Unique Design Feature

Ultrasonic sensors

To detect car presence

Thermal Cameras

4 Permanent units to monitor the system using AI tools

Heat Detection Cable

To prevent fire

Self-Cleaning System

Using stored rainwater

Ultrasonic Repellent

Protects solar system from animal damages


For information and Advertising

AI Aided Design

Using ChatGPT for qualify assurance and SW Coding

Heating cable

Avoid freezing in and enable optimum operation

Ultrafast Mounting

Anchors in earth or concrete withsland 200 km/h wind

Hibrid Wood-Metal structure

(Local biobased or recyclable)

Unique Design Feature eParking solar