eParking Solar

Sodium-ion Batteries are Key to a Fossil Fuel Free Future 

The transition away from fossil fuels has sparked a surge in battery demand, yet this shift risks depleting essential metals like lithium and cobalt. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology reveal a potential game-changer: sodium-ion batteries. These batteries, composed primarily of table salt and forest industry biomass, offer a compelling alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries. […]

Innovation at CES2024 Las Vegas

CES2024 Las Vegas

Tonomia is a Belgian sustainable energytech company.  In CES 2024, we will unveil our all-in-one eParking Solar infrastructure module that integrates hybrid solar panels (Electricity & heat), Sodium-ion battery storage and fast eV charging. The PV panels harvest rainwater.  The full system is managed by the in-house developed AI based smart Box (Tonobox), using Advancing […]