eParking Solar

Tonomia is proud to announce that the patented eParking Solar carport module infrastructure has been recognized as an outstanding innovation by EUPD Research.
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Launched at Las Vegas (US) CES24, the product’s design makes it stand out for its emphasis on sustainability. It will transform parking lot structures by combining green electricity, storage, water & heat harvesting (all-in-one integrated in the supporting pillar) and advanced tech, turning non-profit areas into lucrative parking spaces for operators and providing accessible vehicle charging for customers. The focus on extended product lifespans through easier repair contributes to reducing electronic waste, aligning with the company’s environmental goals.  

Awarding the innovation label to eParking Solar, EUPD Research highlighted the focus on streamlined recycling processes which not only promote faster battery adoption in safety-critical applications but also align with sustainability objectives for increased competitiveness in the stationary market. Sustainable electrode manufacturing, incorporating techniques like dry electrode coating, not only reduces production costs but also bolsters overall cell manufacturing sustainability, achieving cost-effectiveness without compromising environmental goals. These factors collectively underscore the product’s excellence in environmental performance, repairability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The solar module aims to enhance environmental performance, repairability, and efficiency in battery cell manufacturing, presenting a more sustainable and effective solution for diverse applications. 

Speaking about the award, Dr-Ing Mustapha Belhabib the founder and CEO of Tonomia said, 

“The Tonomia eParking solar modules can help private & public parking lot with energy storage by providing a solution for efficient storage of energy produced by renewable sources. The V2G and V2H technologies developed in this project aim to address the challenge of energy storage by using electric vehicles to store and distribute energy. By installing and connecting modules in a parking facility, energy can be produced and then used for recharging electric vehicles, storing electricity, and powering buildings. This innovative solution offers a way to optimize energy usage and contributes to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.” 

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