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Olivier Vandermeersch, Chief Market Officer, Tonomia spl

Olivier Vandermeersch - Chief Market Officer - Tonomia SRL

Linkedin After over three decades of spearheading high-tech product launches from scratch in the telecom/ICT sector (Proximus ICT & Siemens) and establishing his own venture in visual communication and paid research, Olivier was drawn to join this groundbreaking green technology startup in July 2023. The allure of this company lies in its innovative approach to […]

Mustapha Belhabib, Founder & CEO Tonomia srl

Mustapha Belhabib, founder & CEO Tonomia

Linkedin Mustapha has an impressive academic record with a host of qualifications including a PhD in Mechanics and a second one in Aircraft Engines. His professional journey is highlighted by a profound dedication to sustainable mobility and extensive experience in the field of electric vehicle hardware engineering. During his more than two decades at Ford, […]